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Baby Arugula Salad
baby arugula, red grapes, crispy prosciutto, shaved parmesan with green goddess dressing

 Garden Salad
super greens, carrots, cucumber,
grape tomato, radish,
with ginger-lemon-honey vinaigrette
add organic bacon or chicken $4
add hard boiled egg $2


Chickpea Fries
spicy curry aioli

Seasoned Dry Garlic Ribs
sesame soy aioli

Weekly Dip
ask your server for details

Deep Fried Mac'n'Cheese Sticks
golden jalapeno mac'n'cheese sticks served 
with spicy ketchup

fresh cut french fries, 2 year aged cheddar 
and Guinness jus
add blue cheese $3
organic chorizo or bacon $4

your choice of :
 salt and pepper, honey garlic, buffalo, korean bbq, sweet thai chili, carolina mustard bbq 

blue cheese, peppercorn ranch, 
honey mustard, Roast Garlic and Herb

Baked Perogies
bacon, roast mushroom, onions and smoked gouda with sour cream
 artisan pizza dough with mozzarella and 
homemade tomato sauce
(gluten free crust $6)

mozzarella, bocconcini, roast tomato, fresh basil 

Organic Spicy Lamb Sausage
caramelized onion, goat cheese, pesto

Organic Chorizo
bocconcini cheese, Kalamata olives, shaved fennel, roasted red pepper aioli and fresh basil

Fried Chicken
roasted corn, green onion, chicken gravy, 
confit garlic, aged white cheddar

Sweet Potato
sweet potato, roast apple, roasted red onion,
 baby kale, sharp cheddar and pumpkin seeds
roast garlic white sauce and sriracha

roast mushroom, black mission fig, smoked gouda, arugula, balsamic honey thyme reduction 


Fish - crispy cod fillet
 guacamole, pickled red onion, sriracha aioli  

Fajita Tacos
red onion, mixed pepper, chicken, smoked gouda, green onions, 
served with sour cream, salsa and guac.
Veggie Option: sub marinated Tofu

Lettuce Wrap
peppers, carrots, onion, chicken, bok choy, 
red cabbage on crispy wontons
served with romaine lettuce
topped with crushed cashew black sesame and sriracha aioli
Veggie Option: sub marinated Tofu 

Deep Fried Chicken & Waffle
crispy fried chicken thighs served on homemade waffle with herb chicken gravy and maple syrup

…Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich…
We use fresh, local and organic when possible. 
All sauces made in house 
Please inform staff of any allergies
Tax not included